Statistics Resources

There are an incredible number of resources for statistics online. It is no wonder, since statistics is such an important part of the modern world that it touches nearly every field from politics to medicine to engineering. I have provided documents we will use in class and a set of external links I believe you will find most valuable.

Course Documents

Statistics Syllabus AP Statistics course syllabus and expectations. Read this carefully as you are responsible for all of this information.
Multiple Choice Practice Exam This an AP Style multiple choice practice exam to test yourself. I have provided the solutions here.

External Resources

AP Statistics FR Questions This is a link to all available past AP Statistics Free Response questions.
Stat Trek This is perhaps the best AP Statistics site on the web! It contains excellent tutorials, general exam information, example problems, stats tables, online calculators, and more... Beautiful site created by the American Statistical Society and George Mason University to highlight statistics in the news. Like the old saying, true randomness is hard to find... or something like that. This site provides genuinely random numbers free of charge.
Gapminder This site is the work of Hans Rosling, an amazing statistician and educator, who shows just how powerful statistics are in a world of data.
World of Statistics This nonprofit organization has the noble goal of increasing public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society.
Stats 4 STEM Another nonprofit organization with open textbooks, AP Statistics review questions, datasets, R tutorials, and reference tables.
Khan Academy Probability & Statistics Course An excellent free online course which lets you work through only the modules you are interested in or complete the entire course. This is great for review or for covering content missed in class.

Data Resources This somewhat unwieldy government website provides statistics from more than 100 agencies.
Bureau of Justice Statistics Official Data on the criminal justice system from the U.S. Department of Justice.
CDC Data Access Tools Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) provides data on every facet of the health and health care in the United States.
ASA Sports Statistics The American Statistical Association has links to data resources on most every sport from basketball, baseball, cycling, fencing, football, etc.
US Dept of Education (DOE) Data Resources The DOE provides data resources and analysis on of primary, secondary, and university topics ranging from academics to campus safety and security.
National Center for Educational Statistics Another DOE site providing data resources and analysis on of primary, secondary, and university topics. In particular, the PowerStats section is the easiest to use, but requires a free registration.
Gapminder Data Gapminder takes publicly available data and publishes it in a searchable easily accessable database. Data can be downloaded as excel speadsheets.
NCAA Division 1 Sports Stats NCAA provides a tremendous amount of sortable statistics on every sport, however, it is cumbersome and not easy to find what you're looking for.
82 Games This site contains sortable NBA data for nearly every concievable statistic.
US Dept of Labor US Department of Labor website with articles relating to current statistics, including graphs and source data.
US Census Bureau US Census Bureau has data about nearly every facet of the American population. In particular, the factfinder advanced search section seems most relevant.
Miscellaneous Datasets While the yellow background is fairly obnoxious, Professor of Statistics Larry Winner provides a long list of categorical and numerical datasets with descriptions of the data. Data is available for linear and nonlinear regressions, including ANOVA, Logistic, Poisson, and Negative Binomial Regression.